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Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting Services

Waterway Plumbing & Heating Ltd’s technicians are certified in gas fitting and have experience in servicing, repairing, installing, and altering Natural Gas and Propane systems and appliances. We’re a Bonded and Insured Gas contractor with the British Columbia Safety Authority.

  • Gas systems and components
    • Gas powered hot water
    • Storage type tanks
  • Tankless systems
  • Gas fireplaces and inserts
  • Gas powered appliances
    • Ranges
    • Dryers
    • Barbeques

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Gas vs. Electric

  • Depending on the use, gas can be significantly more energy and/or cost efficient.
  • Gas is faster for heating water and living spaces.
  • Gas is a better option for larger households (# of people).
  • With gas, don’t have to worry about several trades in house for one service, as most plumbers are also gas fitters.
  • Requires refilling in the case of propane.
  • Natural gas utility hook up availability depends on location.

Call us: (604) 782-6153