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Heating & Furnace

When it comes to heating systems, everyone has his or her own opinion–what’s too hot for one resident is too cold for another. And while our heating skill and know-how for maintenance and repair are second to none, we don’t cover tenant conflict resolution. With Waterway Plumbing & Heating on the job, you can rest assured we will keep your heat, if not your residents, running smoothly.

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Steam Leaks

If the steam is not getting to where it should, neither is the heat. Steam leaks at piping and valves are the kind of problem we see and remedy quite often. We’ve also replaced our fair share of expansion joints, broken radiator valves, and trap or air valves.

Steam Knocking and Banging 

Unexplained noises at night can make for grumpy tenants and board members. Nationwide Plumbers’ sought-after heating technicians can quickly determine the cause of these disturbances (improperly pitched piping is one common cause) and return the peace and quiet.

Under- or Over-Heated facilities

Due to defective main valves, imbalance in steam or hot water heating systems, main steam traps, or improper steam pressure, steam or hot water sometimes doesn’t flow evenly through a heating system leading to too-hot or too-cold apartments and unhappy residents. Nationwide Plumbers can find the problem and solve it once and for all, lowering complaints and in most cases your fuel bills at the same time.

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Uneven Heating within a Building

There are a number of things that cause uneven heating in a building. Outside exposures are one of the first things to consider. Does one side of the building face the windy river? Does the other side have a southern exposure? Uneven heating can also be caused by a defective vacuum system.

Waterway Plumbing & Heating has been solving steam heating problems in Vancouver Lowe mainland buildings for so long that we’ve developed a sort of intuition for it. There’s no problem we haven’t seen or been able to solve.

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